Director UG Courses

Director's Desk

As a Director of the , Gayatri Vidya Parishad College for Degree and PG. Courses(A), I have the privilege of working everyday with exceptional students, staff, and fellow faculty members to provide a rich educational experience unparalleled in scope and scale to any other program at this college. Everything we do is centered on our mission: unfold in to a world class organization with strong academic and research base, producing responsible citizens to cater to the changing needs of the society

We at Gayatri Vidya Parishad College for Degree and PG. Courses(A) , strive to achieve the high degree of dynamism in different spheres of education. Preparing ourselves effectively requires a different dispensation. Preparing our students for life assumes top priority. It is very important to ensure that our students go beyond their individual competence and prepare for life. Developing a value system and integrity, acquiring social sensitivities, possessing cultural quotient assume a lot of importance, which will largely enable our students’ holistic development.

Our excellent crew of highly motivated faculty contributes effectively towards the vision of the college “Creating Human Excellence for a Better Society”. Achieving synergy between teaching and research, aiming for high levels of excellence make our campus more vibrant. We experience a highly rewarding and gratifying feeling when our students graduate from our institution in flying colours, who will effectively handle life and career.

Dr. I. S .Pallavi
Director, UG Courses