Civil Committees

Civil Engineering

List of Department Committees

The purpose of the committee is to advise on how departmental leadership can be supported and enhanced in their administrative and faculty governance responsibilities. The committees work on all aspects of academic operations for the smooth functioning of the department.

1. Academic Committee
  • Prepare Academic calendar at the beginning of each academic year
  • Prepare Time table at the beginning of each semester
  • Create staff requirements checklist at the beginning of each year
  • Assign and monitor additional duties of each faculty member
  • Review Placement activities and disburse information
  • Assist Department Research activities
  • Review Consultancy projects
  • Mrs. Vijaya L. Dittakavi
  • Mr. P Padmanabha Reddy
  • Mr. K Gowtham Kumar
  • Mrs. P Gouthami Patnaik
  • Mrs. J Renuka
2. Class Committee
  • Oversee class schedules and adjust time tables as needed
  • Suggest Class discipline parameters
  • Review and resolve Class/individual (faculty and student) discipline issues
  • Suggest Student Counselling and PTM dates and times
  • Mr. GVS Siva Prasad
  • Mrs. B Vidya
  • Mrs. A Satya Sunitha
3. Project Review Committee
  • Create Final year Project deadlines
  • Conduct periodic project reviews
  • Conduct Final Viva Voce and award grades
  • Mrs. B Vidya
  • Mrs. P Jyotsna Devi
  • Mrs. Vijaya L. Dittakavi