Centre for Research and Innovation (CFRI)

Centre for Research and Innovation (CFRI)
    Centre for Research and Innovation (CFRI) was constituted with a motto to Strengthen the research and innovation of the institute with following committee


    • Dr. P. Uma Devi, Professor, Department of Organic Chemistry


  • Dr. D. Chandravathi, Associate Professor, Computer Application 
  • Dr. K. V.V Devi Prasad, Associate Professor, Business Administration
  • Dr. Hephzibah Rani Singh, Assistant Professor, Biotechnology
  • Dr. S. Ashok, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Dr. P. Raju, Assistant Professor, Economics
  • Dr. K. Chandra Sekhar, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. A. Karteek Rao, Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry
Objectives of the Cell
  • To develop research skills among faculty and students in field of Science, Management, Engineering and Technology by providing necessary Infrastructural facilities.
  • To develop interdisciplinary Research
  • To encourage the national and international collaborative research with academic institutions and industry
  • To identify the potential sources for funding and communicate to the faculty and students
Activities of the Cell
  • Preparing Research proposals in Consultation with Head of the Departments
  • Guiding Faculty in applying to Funding Agencies for Research Grants
  • Organising regular research interaction among faculty
  • Promote forums for sharing of research inputs among students and staff
  • To arrange periodical interactive sessions for the research scholars on cutting edge skills with their respective supervisors


Research Highlights of Individual Departments


Computer Science and Engineering
  • CSE Department always focus on Research & Development Activities right from its inception. Our faculty's interests span diverse areas in both research and practices. Specialization areas include: Algorithms, Big Data Analytics and Data Science, Computational Biology, Artificial Intelligence, Network Security, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Web Technologies, and Internet of Things.
  • Two of the Faculty Members Dr.T.M.N.Vamsi, Professor & Dr.N.V.Ramana Murty, Associate Professor of this Department identified as Ph.D Research Scholars by Andhra University and each of them are assigned with two Ph.D Scholars for the academic year 2020-21.
  • One Faculty Member Dr.N.V.Ramana Murty Published a Patent entitled “Human Memory Detection using Artificial Intelligence” in the Year 2020.
  • The List of Paper Publications of the Department of CSE are :


International Journals National Journals International Conferences National Conferences Total
2020-21 7 - 7 - 14
2019-20 9 - 2 - 11
2018-19 22 - 5 - 27
2017-18 6 - - 1 7
2016-17 10 1 2 - 13
2015-16 1 - 2 - 3
2014-15 1 -   - 1
Total  56 1 18 1 76
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering focuses its research in all the major areas of the domain that includes Antennas, VLSI, Communication, IoT etc. Two doctorates Prof. S. Krishna Veni and Dr. P. A. Nageswara Rao are carrying out active research in Antennas. They have recently submitted two projects for funding in Core Research Grant (CRG) SERB scheme in the domain of Antennas. Further the two doctorates have been recognized as research guides/supervisors for Ph.D program from Andhra University and 15 research scholars have been allotted under them. Mr Ch. Manohar Kumar pursuing Ph.D is also working in the area of Antennas with Metamaterials. Other faculties of the department are continuing their research in their domain of interest like VLSI, Communications and IoT. Four faculties are pursuing Ph.D in reputed organizations like NIT Rourkela, NIT AP, AU and JNTUK. All faculty of the department are publishing their research work in national/International Journals/Conferences. The department has one patent by Prof. S. Krishna Veni. The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering also generates an interest among the student community towards the research and motivates to publish their work in journals
Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering department always strives with dedication and commitment towards research and innovation for a real world problems. Department always focus on day to day research to move in the competitive world. The faculty of the department are with cutting edge skills to train the students and research scholar in current research areas such as Supply Chain Management, Optimization techniques, Surface Grinding, Phase Change materials, Stir Casting, Friction Stir Processing, ECAP, Bio-fuels and EDM machining.
  • Two faculty member Dr. K. G. Durga Prasad and Dr. P.V. Vinay were identified as Research Supervisors by Andhra University.
  • Dr. P. V. Vinay has successfully completed a project “Comparison during Turning of AISI 316L, AISI 317L Steels by MQL and Dry condition” funded by SEED-GVP during the year 201-2020.
  • The faculty always motivates and encourages to publish their technical papers in SCI and Scopus indexed journals
  • Three of the faculty members have submitted their projects proposals to DST-SERB and NRB.
Year Academic Publications

(Text Books)

Book Chapters Publication of papers in Journals Publication of papers in conferences
International National



International Conferences



2020-21 - 1 3 - 1 -
2019-20 - 1 1 1 - -
2018-19 2 2 10 - - -
2017-18 - 1 5 2 3 1
2016-17 - - 4 2 1 -
2015-16 - - 5 - - -
2014-15 - - 5 3 - -
Research in BBA Department
  • Research is a never ending quest for knowledge and contributes in making the world a better place.In the department of BBA, the faculty are engaged in emerging areas in management and related disciplines like Marketing Analytics, Predictive modelling, Digital marketing, Human resource management, Financial Derivatives and emerging issues in Economics. Most of the faculty have enrolled in Ph.D programme from various Universities. Faculty have published numerous papers in International and National Journals and also published Subject Text Books in Management and relevant disciplines.
  • Mr.M.Sanyasi Rao was awarded Doctoral Degree in the Year 2020 from Andhra University and Mr. P.Raju, a research scholar from Rayalaseema University has undertaken research in the area of Development Economics and was awarded doctoral degree under the guidance of Dr.G.Surya Prakasa Rao in 2019. All the faculty collectively work towards contributing in research and aim at the development of the society.
Research areas in Mathematics
  • Dr. V. Radhika.,M.Sc., Ph.D.,


  • There is much scope for research work in this area. Research work in the topic of Caputo fractional differential equations with variable moments of impulse is on the rise but still much work can be done

For Example:

  • The existence and uniqueness of solutions for differential equations with impulses at variable moments can be studied using the method of quasilinearization.

i) In the case when the solutions hit the surface once.
ii) In the case when the solutions exhibit pulse phenomena

  • The study of Caputo differential equations with fixed moments of impulse can be extended to systems involving anticipation and retardation in this set up, and the method of quasilinearization can be developed.
  • Dr.S.Ashok Kumar., M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D.,

  • Area of Research: Number Theory and Cryptography

  • In the concept of ''Number theory with Cryptography is playing a vital role at every corner of the globe. Before Covid, the usage of digital transactions like online payments, webinars, confidential meetings of govts, and other financial transactions were lesser. Nevertheless, post-pandemic the usage of this digital technology has been augmented which is an optimistic move. Earlier, the digital tech usage was confined only to high-class people but now people from remote rural areas are also using the technology for their requirements. In this regard, I opine that it would be feasible if Mathematics is incorporated into the realm of Digital Technology.
  • Sri. K.Satya Murthy., M.Sc., M. Phil., (Ph.D.,)

  • Area of Research: Number Theory and Cryptography

  • Description about the Minor Research Project:

i)In the theories of nonlinear analysis, functional analysis, approximation theory, applications of boundary value problems, differential equations we notice a vital role is being played by the fixed point theory
ii)Fixed point theory in probabilistic metric spaces can be considered as a part of probabilistic analysis, which is one of the emerging areas of inter disciplinary mathematical research with ample of diverse applications can be considered by the fixed point theory.
iii)This project report contain the study of establishing fixed points for different types of maps, such as weakly compatible, altering distances and weakly contractive maps in metric, probabilistic metric and dislocated quasi metric spaces and also obtained conditions for the existence of fixed points.

Department of Organic Chemistry
  • Department of Organic Chemistry has two professors and two assistant professors with Ph.Ds and has publications in indexed journals with impact factors ranging from 0.5-4.5. the following are the research areas

Research Area

  • Developing green methodologies for organic transformations
  • Synthesis of biological active natural product analogues
  • Synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds
  • Catalyst
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Drug Discovery using in silico methods
  • Kinetic and mechanistic studies of substitution reactions Iron(II)-α,α-diimine mixed ligand complexes
  • Solution chemistry and application of ionic liquids
Recent Publications:

1. K. R. Amperayani V. Vikram, S. R. Penumutchu, R. Vankayala, S. Thangudu, , and U. Parimi, “Design, synthesis, molecular docking and cytotoxic activity of novel urea derivatives of 2-amino-3-carbomethoxythiophene,” J. Chem. Sci., vol. 132, no. 1, p. 126, Dec. 2020, doi: 10.1007/s12039-020-01834-w.
2. V. Govinda, S. Karlapudi, Z. Liu, Q. Bi, I. Bahadur, O. Baswanth, Ch. Prasad, Molecular interaction liquid mixtures containing o-cresol and 1-alkanols: Thermodynamics, FT-IR and Computational studies, Journal of Molecular Liquids 2020, 305, 112789-112814 (ISSN: 0167-7322) (Impact Factor: 4.561)
3. Rao, A.K., P. Kumar, K.N., Kumari, P.S., Gopi, G., Devi, “Synthesis and antibacterial activity of piperazine analogues containing [1, 3, 4]-oxadiazole ring,” Indian Drugs, vol. 57, pp. 19–26, 2020.
4. K. R. Amperayani and U. D. Parimi, “Synthesis, in vitro and in silico Anti-Proliferative Studies of Novel Piperiene-Oxadiazole and Thiadiazole Analogs,” Russ. J. Gen. Chem., vol. 89, no. 11, pp. 2301–2307, Nov. 2019, doi: 10.1134/S1070363219110227.
5. Umadevi Parimi, Venugopalarao Vikram, Karteek Rao Amperayani, one-pot synthesis of n-benzyl substituted 2-aminothiophene-3-carboxilic acid scaffold and their antibacterial activity International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278-3075, 2019, 8, 11.
6. A Karteek Rao, and Parimi Uma Devi, Molecular Docking and Synthesis of Novel Thiourea-Thiazole Derivatives as Anti-Proliferative Agents (February 4, 2020). Proceedings of International Conference on Drug Discovery (ICDD) 2020. Available at SSRN:
7. Uma Devi Parimi Ramesh P., Sai Kumar B., Tabu K., Naga Divya Sree M., Irfan Hyder Anti helminthic Activity of Alternanthera pungens Krunth. International Journal of ChemTech Research. Feb-2019, 12(4): 214-218. DOI-
8. Uma Devi Parimi, Kottakki Naveen Kumar, Karteek Rao Amperayani, V. Ravi Sankar Ummdi, Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Piperine Analogues Containing 1,2,4-Triazole Ring. Asian Journal of Chemistry. March-2019, 31, 5, 1077-1080
9. P. Uma Devi, C. Balakrishna, Manoranjan Beher, T3Ps mediated domino C (sp2)–H sulfenylation/annulation of enaminones and methylsulfinyls for the synthesis of chromone thioether derivatives. New Journal of Chemistry. Dec-2018, 43, 2458-2463.
10. Umadevi Parimi, Kumar Pinninti, Novel Bis (1,2,4-Oxadiazolyl) fused thiazole Derivatives: Synthesis and Anticancer activity. Russian journal of General Chemistry. Dec-2018, 88, 12. 2611-2615.
11. Umadevi Parimi, Devendra Rao S, Nageswara Rao B, karteek Rao Amperayani. Synthesis and biological screening of Lupeol-benzylidine derivative. The Natural Products Journal. Oct-2018, 8(3), Doi 10.2174/2210315508666180117154929. Emerging Sources Citation Index
12. Uma Devi Parimi, Karteek Rao Amperayani, Kottaki Naveen kumar, Synthesis, invitro and insilco anti-microbial studies of novel piperiene-pyridine analogs. Research on chemical intermediates. May-2018, 44 (5), 3549-3564,
13. C. Balakrishna, Umadevi Parimi and Manoranjan Beher*; T3Ps mediated domino C (sp2)–H sulfenylation/ annulation of enaminones and methylsulfinyls for the synthesis of chromone thioether derivatives; New Journal of Chemistry, 2019.
14. K. Naveen Kumar, Karteek Rao, Uma Devi Parimi, Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Piperine Analogues Containing [1,2,4]-Triazole Ring; Asian Journal of Chemistry; 2019, 31, 4.
15. Kumar Pinninti, Umadevi Parimi Novel Bis(1,2,4-Oxadiazolyl) fused thiazole Derivatives: Synthesis and Anticancer activity; Russian journal of General Chemistry, 2018, 88, 10.
16. Rajesh Bellam, Nageswara Rao Anipindi, Deogratius Jaganyi Effect of CTAB and SDS on base hydrolysis of Iron(II)-sulphonated and unsulphonated phenyl-1,2,4-triazine complexes - A kinetic and mechanistic study 2018, 258, 57-65
17. V. Govinda T. Chandraiah, S. Karlapudi, , N. Y. Sreedhar, I. Bahadur; Effect of alkyl group of 1-alkanol on molecular interactions of ethanoic acid mixtures: FT-IR spectroscopic and volumetric studies, Journal of Molecular Liquids 2018, 255, 354-363. (ISSN: 0167-7322) (Impact Factor: 4.561)
18. Ch. Prasad, K. Sreenivasulu, V. Govinda, S. Himageerish kumar, K. Deepa, T. Vasantha, N. V. V. Jyothi, P. Venkateswarlu; Biosynthesis of the Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Using Acacia Nilotica Leaf Extract and their Effect on Degradation of Congo Red Dye in Aqueous Solution, Trends in Textile Engineering & Fashion Technol, 2018, 1, 1-4. (ISSN: 2578-0271) (Impact Factor: 0.665)

Research details of the Department of life sciences (MB.BT.BC)

Department of Biochemistry

1. Dr. Ilahi shaik:
completed Ph.D. in the area of plant growth promoting microorganisms from marine sources. PGPB which plays vital role to improve soil health and enhance the agriculture yield by influencing the plant metabolic processes. Marine bacteria have ability to tolerate saline environment. PGPB which were ecofriendly minimizes the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides use in the agriculture field.

2. Smt. D. Sushma Chandra: pursuing Ph.D. in the area of Biofouling, isolation, identification of the enzymes secreted by the microorganisms which causes the biofouling in the coastal area of the Visakhapatnam.

Department of Biotechnology

1. The major area of interest in research is Marine Biology, more specifically to identify potential
drugs from sea. Nano-biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology. The department is
working in three different areas. Firstly, identification of potential drugs from Actinomycetes of
marine source. Secondly, Synthesis of potential Nano particles of different Applications and
Thirdly, Assessment of different pollution parameters in the marine environment.

Department of Microbiology

The Department carried out search in the area of Microbial Biotechnology and plant microbial interaction. The faculty have worked on
1) the isolation, identification of cellulase producing bacteria and the purification of cellulase and its application in various aspects like dye degradation, detergent compatible, plant growth promoting activity, silver nanoparticle synthesis and its antimicrobial activity.
2) Antagonism of Trichoderma viridae against Aspergillus flavus.