Bachelor of Commerce Facilities

Bachelor of Commerce

Dwarakanagar Campus

The commerce course was started during the year 1989 in September month in Dwarakanagar campus along with other UG courses. As per the development of the college the course also created its goodwill in the city. At present the facilities available in the campus to the students are:

Seminar Hall:

Our campus has spacious seminar hall, at a time 500 students can easily be accommodated. It has qualitative sound and Mike system. It also possesses Projector with good screen. Faculty and students are utilising the facility for their classes, seminars, Guest lectures, and student events. It has good furniture and ventilation. Many programmes are being conducted in the Seminar Hall by our faculty and students on various topics successfully.


We have established library for the benefit of the students. Every year we are adding new volumes to the library as per the requirements of the students. On par with the changes in the syllabus, we would place order for the new versions to the library. Librarian issue cards to the students in the first year and students will return the cards in the final year before their sixth semester after returning the books; they will get no due certificate. Library timings are fixed keeping in the class room timetable of the students

Reading Room:

In our campus we have developed Reading Room, for the benefit of students and faculty. News papers, Journals, Magazines are available to the students and faculty to read in their leisure time. In addition to this we have kept charts and Modals prepared by the students.

Class Rooms

Students are provided with spacious and well ventilated class-rooms which can accommodate more than 60 students. In each classroom .big green boards along with facility for power point presentation is provided. Students are satisfied with benches and desks provided for their sitting and writing purpose. Seating arrangement of the students in the class-room is arranged in such a way that the lecturer could move freely in between the rows ,which in a way motivates each and every student towards the lessons explained.