BBA Faculty

Bachelor of Business Administration

 Name of the FacultyQualificationDesignationEmail Id
Dr. G. Surya Prakasa RaoM.A(Q.E), Ph. D, PGDBFSenior Assistant
Dr. M. Sanyasi RaoM.A (Q E).Ph.DSenior Assistant
Mr. Shashank Sekhar MaharanaDHM, BCA, MBAAssistant
Smt. V. SaujanyaM.A, M.Phil.Assistant
Ms. Y. SravaniMBAAssistant
Smt. A. AdilakshmiM.Com, MBAAssistant
Mr. M. GangadharM.Com., MBAAssistant

Dr.A.RamaniMA (HINDI),MPhil,Ph.DAssistant
Sonia EapenMBAAssistant
A Shyam Sundar PatroMA(English),DILAssistant